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ARK:SE Server

Post by CNGGaming » Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:19 pm


If you are on the Ark Dedicated Ban List Please message us first to review your ban.

How to get the Password to server:
Register for forum
Message Grimstout, Murderinspree or Cerchi in Steam, after registering for forum
Will message you in Steam the server password from Grimstout, Murderispree or Cerchi

Then, below is a list of current Mods to download before playing on the server.
  • 609380111 - Stargate Worlds v3.0
  • 558079412 - ACM (Admins/Moderators Only)
  • 1354681709 - StructureSaver
  • 510590313 - GlassMetal
  • 543859212 - Auto Torch
  • 655261420 - Homing Pigeon
  • 693416678 - ReusablePlus
  • 731604991 - Structures Plus (S+)
  • 895711211 - Classic Flyers
Server shutdown and update = Everyday at Midnight Eastern Time Zone
Map = Ragnarok
Server Gather Rate = 3x
Server XP Rate = 2x
Server Day Cycle = Slowed but Increased Night time speed
Server Egg Hatch = 5x
Server Mature = 4x
Server Tame Speed = 5x
Loot Crate Quality increased
Fishing Loot Quality increased
Prevented Building in Resource Rich Areas
Reduced Replenished Radius
Corpse Locator
No Spawn Animation
Max Wild Dino Spawn 375

If you find an issue with server please message us.
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